Day sixty-eight: Galleno to San Miniato

A day of trails which was a welcome change from the endless roads. Lots of forest until we made the climb up to San Miniato, another hilltop town. The best thing about hilltop towns is that they are on the top of hills. The worst thing, is that they are on the top of hills, and if you are staying in one, then the last leg of the day is going uphill.

San Miniato

San Miniato is spread out along a ridge, and has had historically a fortress, and many notable churches. Not much of the fortress still remains, but the many churches are amazing, particularly that such a small town could have historically supported the building of so many fine places of worship.

We stayed the night in the Seminary of San Francesco, part of the historic complex that comprised a convent, monastery and church. After dinner we were given a tour of the areas not usually open to the public, including the room where they pressed olive oil, the dispensary and cool room, where blocks of ice were lowered into floor receptacles to keep everything cool. The rooms were the rooms formerly used by the Franciscan monks, but now put to good use by pilgrims.

Mural with modern interpretation of Franciscan chants
Section of the ceiling in the Duomo (Cathedral)
San Domenico front doors: not sure why they need to be 6 metres high but maybe Bishops’ mitres were taller way back when.

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