Days off in Paris: 18, 29, 20, 21

I’m writing this on the TGV from Paris to Reims, so it maybe the fastest blog post I write.
For anyone who perused the map of the vf, you will know that Sigeric never got any closer to Paris than Reims – which is precisely the reason we went. Actually the main reason was to get Max on a flight home. His ankles (pre-existing affliction which have held up on two previous Caminos) have been causing significant discomfort at the best of times, and pain at all other times. As the most cost effective ( an oxymoron when you are being gouged by the airline) was a Saturday departure, so we found an Airbnb for three nights and ‘did’ Paris.
We went to, but not in, up, around or through the main tourist traps on day one. Modest use of the metro, astute planning (I’m a former tour guide, remember) and walking meant we saw a lot of the city in a day. Walking 10k is a day off when you are used to 30k with a backpack.
All the main tourist sites were thronged with people, with lineups everywhere and some serious barricades at many. The Eiffel Tower is surrounded by a metal fence – for want of a better description – which would put a medium security prison to shame. Long gone are the days where you could stroll underneath and grab a ticket to ascend at one of the feet.
We checked out the markets at Porte de Clignicourt on Friday even though we were aware that many stalls would be closed. It was busy enough to realize that it must be a bit overwhelming to go on a Saturday.
Tomorrow I hit the trail again, a couple of days behind schedule but well rested. We were ahead of schedule when we arrived in Reims, so no cause for concern… unless this old may goes lame! Maybe I’m too well rested as there are some tough days coming up. And tomorrow being Sunday, the likelihood of refreshment en route is slim to none.

More soon.

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