Day twenty-five: B le C to Bar-sur-Aube

After two days plodding through the industrialized farming landscape, it was a pleasant change to have scenery again. Even some vineyards, and apparently still in Champagne country, which came as a surprise to me.

Once again I went rougue on route planning, and instead of following the GR145, I spent most of the morning walking along the original Roman causeway. Even when this vanished under a modern day highway and I re-encounteted the GR route, I chose the country road rather than the hilly pathway. Sigeric the Serious would have been following the ancient Roman roads, but sometimes I think the GR/via francigena route follows Simeon the Sadist.
One thing the historians can’t agree on is the via Agrippa. In Chalons the sign said Milan to Boulogne, but hereabouts the signs say Lyons to Boulogne. Maybe there is an ancient Roman interchange nearby, as Milan and Lyons are in quite different directions once you get a bit further east.
Bar-sur-Aube is a pleasant town with an ancient medieval feel to it. Almost like a Camino Frances town, complete with numerous old buildings for sale. It even has some Roman ruins on the main Street – although they are not sign posted as such.
Daily km: 27.5

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