Day forty-six: Chatillon to Hône

Another beautiful day walking down the Aosta valley – although there were so.e significant ups as well, as the valley is extremely narrow in places, and the available real estate on the valley floor is taken up with the river, the autostrada, local highway and railway. So the footpath is forced to climb up around and over rock bluffs and streams, often passing through very old traditional villages.

There were more castles today than you could shake a stick at, with the biggest at the end – although it is actually a fortress. The current Bard fortress was built in the 1830s, after the previous version was besiged by Napoleon’s army. As the new one was never put under seige or attacked, it is in pristine condition.

Once again we made a fortuitous accommodation decision, with a balcony view of afore-mentioned fortress, and a dinner of antipasto, pasta, dessert and coffee (plus local wine – this is Italy after all) all for 15€. The Hotel Bordet definitely makes the recco list!

Daily km: 27

Bard fortress from the balcony

One thought on “Day forty-six: Chatillon to Hône

  1. When you get to the Vatican. When you go up the palace. Who is going to wash and kiss your feet. I am not volunteering for that one.


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