Day fifty-one: Mortara to Gropello Cairolli

My intent was to walk from Mortara to Garlasco – a stroll of about 20km – and reassess energy levels. The next stop along the way is Pavia where there is plenty to see, so a shorter day fifty-two would be ideal.
As it transpired the decision was made for me. I was not paying close enough attention to my mapping app, and followed the marked route which has apparently changed and no longer goes to Garlasco. Instead it diverts slightly to the north to Madonna Delle Bozzole, where a girl had a vision of the Virgin Mary back in 1465. There is a large Basilica now built on the spot, but it was closed. So I continued another 6km to Gropello Cairolli, where I am the only pelligrino in the Ostello. I did get nervous when I arrived as they asked whether I had a reservation – which I did not, for obvious navigational reasons.
Not closed were the churches in Tromello and the Church of St George here in Gropello Cairolli. The former I felt morally obliged to visit after the nice old man gave me a certificate. See Instagram post. Pic of the beautiful interior is attached. The church of St George also has a nice interior, with a bonus exterior rendition of George slaying the dragon.
After last night’s thunderstorms the atmosphere was very clear today, with views of what lies ahead (the Appenines) and brilliant views of where I’ve come from. Pic is attached which I think shows Mt Blanc in all its Glory, but as I’m not too familiar with the Alps, I’d be grateful for any geographic corrections.

Today’s km: 28.2

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