Day fifty-three: Piava to Miradolo Terme

I’m in the square – which constitutes down town in the village of Miradolo Terme – enjoying a beer, contemplating more camino karma, and observing Italian driving: so far only one car in 45 minutes has observed the stop sign, and they had to as someone was coming the other way. Even the local cop just blew through it, so I guess it’s only a suggestion.
The continuing CK was me leaving my sunglasses at the lunchtime restaurant and the staff returning them to the b&b, and today arriving in this small town with minimal instructions on how to find the Ostello, but lucked on some ladies setting up for a Goodwill stall, and they knew exactly where it was (upstairs as it turned out).
Not too much of note today. Once I’d escaped the Pavian suburbs, it was obvious that I was no longer in the flat former swamps that are now the rice paddies of Italy. I even had to go up some minor inclined and was surprised how quickly the muscle memory has faded. It will need to be re-leaned in very short order as major hills are looming.
And while I haven’t caught a glimpse of the mighty Po yet, it’s historical presence was obvious when walking beside a huge sand mining operation adjacent to the trail. It was a very deep sand pit!
Once again I have an Ostello to myself. It only has four beds, and this town is slightly off the normal night stop routine. I continued a few extra kms today to have an easier time making the dash for the ‘taxi fluvio’ down the PO tomorrow. It leaves at 0830, so I will need to depart in the dark. The things we do for tradition!
Daily kms: 33.2

2 thoughts on “Day fifty-three: Piava to Miradolo Terme

    1. Terme roughly translates as spa, so I guess in days gone by there was maybe natural thermal water. The shower was hot, but spa treatment was not forthcoming.


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