Day eighty: Bolsena to Montefiascone

The daily distances are getting shorter, but the legs are slowly running out of gas. The sign on the trail said it was one of the toughest days, but I suspect the intended audience I see those who start in Aquapendente – in which case they may find it brutal, as it was very undulating.
It was a very pleasant walk even if it wasn’t too flat. Montefiascone is a peak that remained after the caldera subsided to form Lake Bolsena, and it is the highest price of rock for many miles. As a consequence it has been fortified since man first took up weapons, including parts of the remaining fortress built by one of the Popes.
The knob of rock had spectacular views: to the north back to Radicofani and to the west the mountains of Corsica. To get the views requires climbing lots of steps, and after seeing the view for a first time, I rashly decided to tackle it a second time to see the sunset.
Tonight is another night in a monastery, but this one has a curfew at 2100 so there will be no bar hopping after dinner.

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