Day eighty-two: Viterbo to Vetralla

An even shorter day, although I extended it a bit by heading to the Monastery a couple of km past the town.
The first part of the day was pleasant, re-tracing my path through the medieval district and following the route that passed quite literally under the papal palace. Then there was a inetesting section of road carved into the rock. There are claims that the road was carved out by the Romans, but many of the scars in the rock look suspiciously machine made to my eyes.
After that interesting section, there was an uninteresting section to offset it: walking on a dirt road beside the busy highway, with no compelling reason to contemplate who built it.
Vetralla is a small and very old town, but its old quarter is not very compelling after the splendors of Viterbo. So I didn’t hang around too long, preferring to head to the night stop at the monastery.

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