Day eihty-four: Sutri to Campagnano di Roma

The day got off to a pleasant enough start with the descent from Sutri just a reverse of yesterday’s entry, and there were some Etruscan tombs and a great amphitheater carved out of solid rock. But after that things went downhill, starting with some confusing trail marking that did its best to have one walking in a circle, then endless walking on paved and dirt roads for the whole day. Only where the roads became so overgrown and rutted did they take on the appearance of a trail, and the main excitement was crossing a section of the old via cassia at right angles, as for the most part it was buried under the more recent and much busier SS2 highway.

Campagnano is a pleasant town, perched on a bluff like nearly all the towns we visit or pass through in these former Etuscan lands, and the small ostello was at the extremely of the old town and therefore very peaceful. With my two other roomies we tried to find a bar to watch the soccer match between Italy and Greece, and while we were eventually successful, it seemed that the local populace were generally disinterested in the outcome. The game itself was quite dull, so we headed back to our ostello at halftime!

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