SCT Day one

A last minute change of plans saw us at the Lund marina at 0800 to get the charter water taxi to Sarah Point. We were hoping for a last crack at a civilized breakfast, but sadly Nancy’s Bakery was closed -in contradiction to the advertised hours.

As it turned out, the water taxi was one of the day’s highlights: once deposited on the rock face, at Sarah’s Point we struggled with low energy to drag ourselves up hill and down dale and didn’t even find the peek a boo views north to Desolation Sound inspiring. The heat was the major factor, and redemption lay at Wednesday Lake. While the campsite was nothing too exciting (not quite level bed rock pitch for our tent), the warm waters of the lake made up for a gruelling first day, and the night time view of the night sky was spectacular. That, at least, was some consolation for lying awake at 0200 once the bed rock became too uncomfortable (referred to as constellation consolation).

Early to bed meant we woke up at 0200 and spent a couple of hours gazing at the spectacular stars (didn’t bother with the tent fly) and counting meteorites.

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