SCT phase II Day One

Powell Lake to Inland Lake

I wrote these blog entries a while ago, but didn’t publish them at the time as I hadn’t loaded any photos. So better late than never (although it’s possible you may disagree with this sentiment) here are the posts from phase II of my SCT hike……

I’m back on the trail after a month allowing the weather to cool, and for a number of projects to progress (all the lower levels of our house on Seaview Road are now painted, and the yard has been whipped into shape with power equipment and numerous van load of debris to the ‘green space’). Susan’s work is such that she is unable to accompany me – which maybe for the best as it looks so gnarly that it may be beyond my ageing legs.

Day one started where we’d previously left off, at Powell Lake. An undulating trail through primarily second growth forest, with peek-a-boo view of the lake – Powell Lake that is, as there is no shortage of lakes in these parts. The day also included Lost Lake, and ended on the shores of Inland Lake (an odd name for a lake it would seem).

Inland Lake has a circumference of 13km, which has a wheelchair accessible trail right around it, which is awesome for a community that is close to the end of the road. I’m camped on Anthony Island, and so far I have the campsite to myself…. but it’s only 1800, so there is time for stragglers to stagger in yet. Inland Lake could be renamed Snake Lake, as I’ve never seen so many snakes at the side of the trail. And frogs, as per the photo – but despite the large numbers, there wasn’t a croak all night.

Another sign of wild life, but the critter responsible was laying low.

The day’s only mishap was me taking a slow motion rollover, when the rock I stepped on moved, and my walking pole, instead of correcting my balance, vanished into the squishy nothingness of moss and ferns. As a result I now only have one and a half walking poles. Maybe I’ll need to find a cedar sapling as a replacement. My lunchtime banana was the other casualty, but I’m not too upset about that!

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