TA day I

While in Covid quarantine I read the first two volumes of Edward Gibbon’s “The History of the Decline and Fall if the Roman Empire”, so I have decided it is appropriate to use Roman Numerals for the day count.

Cape Reinga lighthouse is km 0

So, day I of the Te Araroa was s relaxing journey by tour bus from Kaitaia to Cape Reinga by road. Unfortunately I missed the fun parts which includes boogie boarding on the giant sand dunes and the drive home along the beach. I get to walk that part.

After the relaxing bus ride it was a not quite so relaxing 12 km walk to the first designated campsite. The muscle memory was sadly missing, but the constant roar of the swells breaking on the beach made up for the aches and strains of first day tramping (going rouge on terminology here). Beach walking is great if (a), you time the tides right, and (b), you meander around constantly to find the hardest sand. I nailed (a) and through trial and error was modestly successful at (b).

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