Via francigena del sud: day 0

All smiles from being blister free at km 0

Omnes viae Roman perducunt….. If all roads lead to Rome, then logically they all must also lead from Rome. Sam and I are here to test that theory by embarking on the Via francigena del sud, from Rome to Santa Maria di Leuca.

Today was our acclimatization day and the chance to play tourist for the day, checking the boxes for a few major sites, but declining the opportunity to queue in the 30 degree heat to see St Peter’s basilica. We did pop by the Vatican office and got our Credentials stamped, even though I’m not sure that any benefits derive from being an ‘official’ pilgrim on this route. Alberges and pilgrim hostels are essentially non-existent, so already my Airbnb and apps are getting a work out

Highlight of the day was sharing the train from the airport with a rather staid English couple, who on being informed of the need to wear masks, remarked “is Covid not over here yet?” Fortunately for the visitors from the healthy isles, another passenger had spare masks.

2 thoughts on “Via francigena del sud: day 0

    1. Hi Joe. Susan will be joining us in three weeks. Hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler then.
      Hope all is well at home. Give our regards to Rita.


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