VF del sud day 5: Sezze to Fossanova Abbey, 19.2km

Actually, we’re not at Fossanova Abbey quite yet. Although it marks the end of a stage according to the app, there is no accommodation at the abbey (I believe historically they hosted pilgrims, but no more), so we are in the countryside nearby, b&b courtesy of booking.com and navigation by Google maps. It’s not too far off course, and the self-contained 2 bedroom apartment is our nicest and cheapest overnight stop yet. It even had a washing machine with a spin cycle so intense our stuff is nearly dry without the aid of fresh air and sunshine!

After a humongous breakfast at the B&B – including two freshly baked cakes, we waddled our way southward on a trail initially (maybe it was initially a trail, but now more of an animal track around the hillside) and later back roads. Interesting scenery with what appear to be partial stone terraces on all the hillsides that have fallen into disuse. Presumably for olive groves, but hard to tell. Every town is a hill top town, but by now we have become so blasé about them I didn’t even take any photos today.

They marked trail follows the river to Fossanova but we split off on a back road to our b&b. Knowing what facilities were on offer we stocked up at the supermarket in the previous town so that we can self cater for lunch and dinner. Being a short day, we arrived at our destination in the early afternoon – in time for lunch, laundry, a nap, and time to catch up with blog posts in the cool indoors!

Our new tour mascot, Agnes

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