VF del sud day 8: Terracina to Fondi, 19.6km

Same old, same old, going from one Roman town to the next. The difference today was that neither is a hilltop town. Fondi is actually dead flat, and likely a convenient one day march from Terracina for a Roman legion using the via Appia.

After faithfully following the designated path for the first section, in which the paved road gave was to a seemingly abandoned road, and finally a goat track around the steep hillside, we made like legionnaires and took to the via Appia. Granted it bears no resemblance to its former self, but if you were to dig down, you’d find the original. The downside is that it is dead straight, meaning there are no impediments to speed. For much of it, the speed limit is 60, but we’ve come to the conclusion that Italian speed limits are posted in MPH not km/h.

Very little of the roadside scenery was photo worthy, so today is mostly words. We’re planning on more via Appia walking tomorrow as it will turn two scheduled days into one – even if it means missing the awesome town of Gaeta.

It looked abandoned but there were houses at the end. The owners traverse this in their motorized shopping trolleys, such as Fiat Pandas. It’s likely that 95% of Nth American SUV drivers would not even tackle a road this rough!

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