VF del sud day 13: Faicchio to Vitulano, 29.6km

Where we came from. Actually Faicchio is behind the bush on the right, but a 100ft cliff prevented the all encompassing panorama.

A double day as the first leg was only 12km, and due to circumstances beyond our control, Telese Terme was also our first cafe stop. Once we’d located said cafe that is. Telese (the Terme was added in 1991 to reflect the hot springs there) is the least interesting town so far. I even checked Wikipedia to delve into its history, thinking that WW2 obliteration may account for the profusion of drab apartment blocks. But no, the most recent catastrophe was an earthquake in 1391 or thereabouts.

From Telese, it’s a relatively easy (written with hindsight) trudge across the valley up up to the next town – which had a tad more historic merit. However, from the last cafe to our nightly lodging, there was a hill. See following illustations

It looks quite flat and benign on the map
This was the reality.

However we survived to tell the tale, and there’s nothing like a cold beer, a massive cherry tomato and ciliegine salad, followed by big servings of ravioli to aid the recuperation. (Ciliegine means cherry, so we had cherry tomatoes with fresh cherry mozzarella. Yummo!)

The view from the top looking towards our destination

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