VF del sud day 19: Castelluccio dei Sauri to Ordona, 19km

Not the most inspiring day of caminoing, but the lack of hills, especially at the finish line, was appreciated by some tired legs and wonky knees. Big agriculture is so dominant that we were challenged to find shade to take breaks in. For the second day we resorted to abandoned farm buildings as rest stops (but no foxes or lizards today). The upside is there are no nasty dogs, so we can use our walking poles for walking!

Dirt and abandoned farm buildings was the order of the day

Ordona is another rather sad town, gutted I suspect by the shift to big farming. It does have a glorious past, as the town of Herdonia was a force in the 4th century b.c., but chose to side with the Romans during the 2nd Punic war, and a a result the town was completely destroyed by Hannibal. While the Romans later rebuilt the town, it never regained its former size or stature – despite being included on the via traiana (yup, the Roman road we are nominally following to Brindisi)

There’s not many olive groves left in this area

Dinner was the usual adventure – the recommended (by our booking.com host) pasta restaurant, which only offers seafood pasta, is closed on Mondays, so we went to the only other game in town. It was a pizza and burger joint, so after multiple pizza meals recently, we opted for burgers. But the memorable item was instead of a basket of day old bread, we were given what we analysed as being pieces of pizza dough that had been deep fried and doused in salt. Awesome!

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