Day Zero

The easy klicks are behind us – planes, trains, and London buses have delivered us to Canterbury, and now it is a mere 1,800km to go according to the sign.

We had a couple of busy days in the theme park known as London. Packed with tourists, but none of the rides are included. The Shard – $50. The big Ferris wheel -$50. We were going to splurge on Westminster Abbey, but we missed the last entry time by mere minutes. Anyway, we got our ancient church fix today at Canterbury Cathedral… and it was free as we are proud owners of via francigena pilgrim passports.

We did check most of the tourist boxes for London without paying for admission, except for Buck House. St Paul’s, Big Ben-Scaffolding, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, lots of guys on poles or charging steeds, Kensington Palace (only cos it was close to our favourite sports store, Decathlon.) During a deluge we tubed over to the British Museum and jostled with the other thousands who had the same rainy day idea to check out all the loot that the British Empire pillaged in its glory days.

Today was the train from Victoria. After testing all the options on the ticket vending machine we opted for a return ticket, as it was significantly cheaper than one way. Go figure!

Tomorrow…. walkies.

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