Day thirty: Champlitte to Savoyeux

For some reason – perhaps complacency – short days are harder than long ones. The prescribed day was to Dampierre-sur-Salon, but due to a lack of accommodation options, I booked a B&B a few km further on in Savoyeux.
It was a day of wandering near rivers, firstly the Salon, then the Saône, which even up here in the middle of nowhere is a navigable river. I passed through the normal multitude of small villages, but traversing land given over to livestock farming as opposed to the seemingly endless cropping.
The day ended up not being as short as advertised, and I trudged into my B&B at 1500. I chose this place to stay as it is half board. Like many of the smaller villages, finding accommodation is easier than finding good – either a store or cafe/restaurant.

Pic of the day is the Savoyeux tunnel. If locks are too challenging, dig a hole instead!
Daily km: 27.4

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