Day thirty-one: Savoyeux to Bucey-lès-Gy

While yesterday was frustratingly 5k further than anticipated, today was the polar opposite, being 5k shorter than I anticipated. The official route was 32k, but starting from a slightly advanced location, and an obvious short cut including a section of an “Anc. voie romaine” as indicated on my map (meaning an ancient Roman road and not the head of lettuce in your fridge), I arrived at my destination after a mere 19.4k. I celebrated by having a coffee, as this village has it all: a cafe, accommodation, a Carrefour and a boulangerie. Being in residence by 1p is almost like a rest day.

I have had some good success with recent accommodation. In Champlitte I stayed with Pascal, who welcomes pilgrims into his modest lodgings on the ground floor of an old house. Pascal is a natural winemaker in the burgeoning natural wine industry. Unfortunately by the time I had woken from my postwalk nap, he had already closed his cave for th the day. As he spoke some English, I was interested in finding out more about his craft – especially after witnessing first hand the chemical spraying of the vineyards. Even more chemicals are used post harvest.
Last night I was in a B&B in Savoyeux. Actually a dinner, bed and breakfast, as self catering or dining out are not options in the village. Monique was a wonderful hostess, and it was great to be waited upon and to sit in an armchair for a change!
Tonight I am in Dominique’s “Petit Maison” as it is listed on Airbnb. It is indeed a little house (converted from who knows what in a previous life) in the front of their main house, and she does a good trade in accommodating pilgrims as they head east.
Today was cloudy and cool, but the weather is supposed to heat up just as I head over the hills to the Swiss Riviera.
Today’s pic: another roadside find.. buckets of plastic flowers (they were originally lying flat, but I propped them up for the photo. My token effort at flower arranging.)
Daily km: 19.4

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