WordPress review: half a star

I wrote an earlier post on the short-comings of WordPress, but I deleted it. That was short sighted.
If you are considering starting a blog, please be sure to test drive the alternatives. WordPress gets all the great reviews, but for a mobile user, its deficiencies are very frustrating.
They have an app, bit it is unstable on an Android phone.
Trying to upload photos to their server is like watching paint dry – if indeed they have a server. Maybe it’s a cardboard box with some stray wires sticking out. Tonight I wrote my post in an email, then tried to add photos afterwards. After 20 minutes I gave up in frustration, partly as you can only add photos at the end of a post, and partly because I got tired of watching the spinning donut.
The only reliable way to post to my blog is using email with photos attached to the email, which means no captions and they appear at the end, not within the body of the post. Once you hit send, the post appears very quickly on the WordPress site. This is not new technology – ten years ago we could add to our svmulan blog using amateur (Ham) radio as well as by email.
So my apologies that my posts from rural Europe are not as slick and well presented as some. Maybe WordPress works better on Apple devices. For sure it works well on laptops or a desktop – that’s where I got my first impression. But it does not work on an older Android device – if three years can be considered old. And carrying a laptop in my backpack for 2,000 km was not an option.

Rating: half a star out of five.

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