Day fifty-five: Piancenza to Fiorezuola

Actually the full name is Fiorezuola d’Arda, because it is on the Arda river.
Today was a beautiful day strolling through the farm lands – once I’d blanked out the memory of the first few kms, which were a brutal walk along the edge of a major road, with precious little room to maneuver between the Armco barrier and the oncoming traffic. It was recently repaved, and it’s hard to understand why they didn’t add half a metre for the pelligrini foot traffic.
Once done playing in the traffic, it was much more agreeable. Most of the harvest has been done and the fields freshly ploughed, so there is a prevailing scent of fresh earth. The only harvest being done is the tomatoes, and while the wastage at first seemed incredible, it was only later when I saw the actual harvest being done and the volume of tomatoes, that you realise the wastage is likely no greater than for the harvest of any other crop.
Fiorezuola is a nice, unassuming town, with a stunning church – the Collegiate de San Fiorenzo, originally constructed in 1300. But it is the interior which is so impressive. These smaller towns are, to me, much more enjoyable than the major cities. The residents are more laid back and lack the self importance and pretensions to either beauty or greatness of the big city folk. I like to find a bar or cafe where all the old geezers hang out and sip a coffee or beer and just enjoy their Italian banter. Maybe it is good practice for me as I approach old geezer-dom. Actually I have discovered that most bars here sell vino frizzante Alla Spina (on tap). It’s like drinking draft Portuguese vinho Verde, but here they serve both red and white. The draft beer tastes like any old draft beer, but this vino is the real deal. Salute!
Daily km: 27.6

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