Day fifty-nine: Casio to Cisa

Another short day when you arrive at your destination before it’s even time for lunch.

Casio to Cisa Pass is only 19 km, but the only Ostello is 2km before the actual pass, and after that it is another 19 km to the next town. So the crew from last night’s accommodation are slowly drifting in as I sit in the sun and write this. Writing and posting are not one and the same as up here in the mountains getting a reception bar or two is not guaranteed!
Today was less challenging than yesterday’s climb, and had the bonus of a village big enough for a cafe or three and a bank machine to replenish my stash of euros. Unlike the commercial accommodation, the hostels only accept cash, so don’t leave home without it!
Pics: Berceto – the only chance all day for a cafe; and the Ostello Della Cisa – historically ahostel for the workers who maintained the road (way back before the motorway tunnel was built).

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