Day seventy-five: Siena to Ponte D’Arbia

What a wonderful day of walking. Spectacular countryside after leaving the low cloud (foggy on Siena’s hill) and sauntering through the Tuscan countryside. We did a quick detour to the Duomo on the way from our apartment rental to the VF path, and were rewarded with a Piazza almost completely devoid of people, and the main doors of the Duomo wide open and also devoid of people. Perhaps there had been an 0700 service and all the worshipers had left.

It was our good fortune that we happened upon a cafe in a small industrial area at the two hour mark: fortunate as we were hanging out for a cappuccino, and even more fortunate as the skies opened up and it was a brief deluge while we were happily sheltered in the first cafe we’d seen for 10km. After that we kept a close eye on the weather, briefly sheltering in a animal shelter during another shower. Our night stop was the unremarkable town of Ponte D’Arbia where we stayed in an Otello that was very old, and the town was one in which Sergeric stayed all those years ago. The main/only restaurant in town was closed Thursdays, so we self catered in the Ostello’s commercial kitchen.

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