Day seventy-six: Ponte d’Arbia to San Quirico d’Orcia

I’m looking forward to the day when the only place name I need to spell is “Roma”.

After several days of dodging thunderstorms, today dawned crisp, clear and soon to be sunny. For the first leg of the day we followed the busy road. The official route was up to the ridge then down into the next town, but less km on a longish day was preferable to nice views. Mind you, stepping out in shorts and a t-shirt at 0700 was a touch on the refreshing side, and the sun on the ridge may have been worth the additional exertion.

After a typical Italian breakfast in Buonconvento (cappuccino and a sweet pastry), we had a glorious day of hiking in sunny but cool weather, up hill and down dale, with distant views not only of numerous villas, hilltop villages, but even as far back as Siena. Today was Susan’s last day as my sauntering companion, as tomorrow she heads back to Siena to meet Jack, and they will do a little tiki tour before meeting me at the VF finish line in Rome in 10 days/220km (technically the end of the VF is in the Vatican, which is a sovereign state).

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