Day seventy-seven: San Quirico to Radicofani

This was a tough day and sure to be on my top five VF gruelling day list. Susan left today, heading back to Siena to rendezvous with Jack. This was probably a good thing as she may have baulked at the last 5km hill, which was unrelenting and tough on the feet in places.

Prior to the last hill, it was rarely anything approaching flat – a day of uphill and down dale on a variety of sufraces. The first hour was steep up (going uphill from a hilltop town caught me by surprise) then down on the dreaded marbles, and other sections were on the lumpy rock immitation if a Roman road. Brutal to walk on, and I really feel for those unfortunates wearing runners. But to keep the spirits up there were castles, hilltop towns and magnificent views up the valley. No doubt Sigeric walked up the valley on the old via Cassia, but that route is now a busy highway.
Radicofani is a magnificently located town – the fortress is visible from miles away. The olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany have petered out and the land is noticeably more arid. There are even sheep farms in these parts, which may account for all the flies, which drove me crazy for the last hour.
The town is jam packed with Italians with backpacks and walking poles – the same crowd that we saw roll into town last night. It’s hard to tell whether they are weekend warriors, or going to Rome and utilizing the luggage taxi. If they are going far I may need to start booking accommodation.
Daily km: 33.9


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