Day seventy-eight: Radicofani to Aquapendente

A wonderful morning for a saunter – clear, sunny, cool and downhill for a couple of hours into the valley. Stunning views everywhere, especially behind, where the tower of Radicofani just does not want to disappear. I have a bunch it can be seen from Rome. The road surface was a bit treacherous with long sections of the dreaded marbles: I had to be extra cautious as I was streaming the All Blacks game from Japan, but I was walking slowly so that the game would be finished before I hit the valley floor and areas of no cell tower coverage!

Once in the valley, the official path was on the busy SR2 road, which was less than ideal. There was an alternate route, but it was significantly longer and included an additional hilltop town, so my legs voted for the road.
Aquapendente is an old town, but lacks the charm of many other old Italian towns, so it is not on the tourist bucket list and is unlikely to attract hordes of Instagram influencers anytime soon. I walked the old town’s main street and only saw one person. Even on a Sunday you’d expect some signs of life. As a result, I continued up the hill to the Convento Cappuccini Casa S. Lazzaro (to use its official name). The nuns were very welcoming and the atmosphere so relaxing that any thoughts of trekking back down the hill to town in search of a beer or gelato were soon forgotten.
Daily kms: 24.3

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