SCT Day three

The day’s start was a tough early morning slog up to Rievely Pond, where the second SCT hut is located. The swimming dock referenced in the guide book was no where to be found, and wading through the mud at the pond’s edge had little appeal. So we enjoyed another Italian instant coffee stop at the picnic tables and continued on.

For the most part the trail was soft underfoot and shady – something to be appreciated once the sun gets high overhead – and while the second growth forest is gaining some size, the old stumps are a constant reminder of the former glory of the old growth forest. It’s time to save what’s left!

Toquenatch Fir – so bog and old that it has a plaque

Our campsite was beside Little Sliammon Lake, although it’s really only a big pond. But it did have an awesome dock for swimming (and a slightly beaten up canoe, complete with paddles for communal use). While we are only 7km from the highway 101 bridge at Powell Lake, we decided to stay here and have a leisurely walk out tomorrow. Susan’s toes are bothering her, so we have decided to stop after the first 50km and maybe come back at the end of summer to do the remaining seven days when it is cooler. The remaining trail has several peaks over 1,000m, and slogging up those in the heat is not too appealing!

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