SCT Day four

Actually, it was only a half day, and as a result or in anticipation, we had a leisurely start. Breakfast, a swim in the lake, breaking camp with the end goal in mind of arriving at the Shinglemill Pub soon after they open at 1130.

Today’s section of the trail was designed for the view rather than expediency, but we were rewarded with great views over Powell Lake from a conveniently located bench on Choir Bluff.

The sharp descent was a bit challenging on the knees, and to date, this was the first section of the trail with less than stellar trail markings. Several times we had to pause to ensure we weren’t straying away from the awaiting beer rendezvous.

Lunch was as anticipated: cold beer, hot burgers and fries, and a last chance to shate stories with our trail companions. Gerry was continuing on to Tony’s Point for the night and the rest of the trail thereafter. Wade and Marion were overnighting in Powell River before embarking on a week-long kayaking adventure the next day.

For Susan and me, while the first 50 km had been tough but enjoyable, we will postpone the remainder until the weather cools. Our house in Gibsons beckons, and we will use our remaining vacation days relaxing and sweating less!

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