VF del sud day 2: Castel Gandolfo to Velletri

Sign post deep in the forest!

Actually we started from Albano Laziale as this is the town where we managed to find a roof over our heads. It made the day a couple of km shorter, which is always welcome.

Much of the day was on forest paths, initially skirting the rim of Lago Albano, then after a short but intense ascent to the col, we descended towards- but fortunately not to – Lago di Nemi. Nemi is plural of Nemo, but I don’t believe there are any clown fish in the lake.

Lake of the clown fish?

We’ve met some interesting and friendly folk in the two days so far. A woman walking on the path yesterday stopped us to ask about the VF. Turns out she’s a doctor, and she and her husband run a B&B in Puglia, near Lecce. She wants to get listed on the VF app, but for now we have her contact info and she wants us to stay when we make it that far. It’s not until day 34 or so! Today a car came to a panic stop in a cloud of dust as the young couple just wanted to say ‘hi’ and wish us a buon Camino! And lastly, the helpful gent in Velletri who confidently told us the VF was up that street. Thank goodness for Google maps with the trail pre-loaded, otherwise we may still be walking.

We’re trying to plan a couple of lighter days so that various aches, pains, and chafe points get a chance to recover. None of the towns really appeal as rest day candidates, so we’ll take it easy and reduce our stash of moleskin, plaster and liniment.


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