VF del sud day 3: Velletri to Cori, 18km

I’m a day behind posting as I got distracted watching the All Blacks vs Argentina rugby match.

The path was mostly a mix of country laneways and trail, although we were told there was a detour due to a bridge washout. Lack of fluency in Italian was a handy excuse and we traversed the washout without any issues – although we got our new hiking boots muddy.

The weather was changeable, going from stinking hot to thunderstorms in the twinkling of an eye. For the first deluge we had perfect timing as there was a gas station on the country road with full service cafe beside it. It’s amazing how long a cafe latte and pastry can last in undesirable walking conditions. The rain ended without the need to christen our new Decathlon backpacking ponchos!

We stayed in a b&b in Cori old town, which had spectacular views to the west. Being up high (these hill-top towns are at about 500m) were were able to observe the complete vertical aspect of the evening thunderstorm. Quite the light show!

For dinner, our host recommended a near-by hole in the wall. So small they don’t have seating, but instead have tables in the piazza. As all tables were taken, we sat in the shadow of the 1st century Temple of Hercules, and gorged on Pinsa Romana – a cousin of Neopolitan pizza. Delicious!

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