VF del sud day 9: Formia to Sessa Aurunca, 29.2km

Torre do Mola, Formia. Built for the King of Naples in the 13th century.

We woke up in our broom closet to a major thunderstorm. AccuWeather unhelpfully said no rain for the next four hours. Clearly their forecaster slept through his/her alarm. The broom closet was the end result of a booking.com fiasco: our original place had some technical problem, so we were sent to another property, but when we arrived that one had been booked. The same thing happened again, but we finally got a place. It was just big enough for a sofa bed, tiny bathroom, mini fridge and espresso machine. Bit of a rip off, but it was dry and cool (a/c rules here).

We did another road day in the interests of time, but certainly not enjoyment. Our self created route did take us by the Minturno war cemetery, so we paused to pay our respects to those who gave their lives to rid the world of fascism (temporarily it seems, with the far right predicted to win the upcoming Italian general election, and Trump and his cronies making a mockery of democracy in the US). The cemetery is adjacent to the Roman ruins, and the best view of them on a day when they weren’t open for visitors, was peering over the cemetery fence.

Minturno Commonwealth War Cemetery
Not a relative that I’m aware of

Tonight we are in Sessa Aurunca, also a Roman town (surprise!) The Roman theater and other surviving ruins are up the hill from our b&b (got the multi-room option tonight!) so we’ll see them tomorrow morning. We did make the grand entrance up an original Roman road, but the aches & pains of 29km overwhelmed any euphoria induced by walking on history.

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