VF del sud day 10: Sessa Aurunca to Statigliano, 39.8km

A long double day due to either no accommodation existing or already booked. Despite the long day, we felt that we had won the Camino jackpot, as the place we are in is an old house nicely renovated by supporters of the VF, and they also run the bar, which served us huge and fantastic burgers… dinner, bed and breakfast for €65. Makes the €70 broom closet look even more like a ripoff!

Sam paying attention to where he places his feet

The morning session was a delightful mix of narrow lanes (barely wide enough for a Fist Panda!), traditional pathways between villages, and sections of Roman road. The VF signage has become almost non-existent, so we are heavily reliant on the app and the version of the path I loaded into Google maps. Unfortunately they don’t always align, and other times it’s difficult to decifer which piece of road or pathway we should be following. We got geographically embarrassed a couple of times which added to the daily kms a bit.

We should get these guys to redo our driveway – minus the chariot grooves.

The second half of the day was monotonous road walking, although the towns along the way make for great scenery. One incident that kept us laughing for quite some time was a rest stop we made. We’d busily taken off our boots and socks when a woman, who had been sitting in her car, started berating us and demanded we give the sheets of cardboard we were sitting on to her. It quickly dawned on us that we’d chosen her place of work for our rest stop, and she was none too happy that we might drive away her clientele. As she didn’t pick up any business while we were there, maybe she had a point!

The Roman theatre, Sessa Aurunca, and a Roman bridge somewhere along the way today!

3 thoughts on “VF del sud day 10: Sessa Aurunca to Statigliano, 39.8km

  1. The first photo looks like it was very rough terrain. Hopefully, it wasn’t as bad as it looks. The second one looks so much better. Glad you’re finding some good deals to balance the ripoffs.


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