VF del sud day 11: Statigliano to Alife, 13.5km

No, not a typo. It was effectively a rest day, although there may be some who would not consider walking for 3 hours in the blazing sun a rest day. It was quite unremarkable as well, possibly due to the fact that it’s Sunday.

On the list if humourous moments….. the guys doing a home reno project, and me thinking they were using a curious type of concrete mixer until I realized they were improvising by using a olive crusher. The big round stones are perhaps not the best for mixing cement. Also made a mental note about buying olive oil from roadside stalls.

Alife is today’s end point, and probably worth mentioning as it still exhibits the classic design of a Roman legion encampment, with a rectangular wall and bi-secting roads passing through it. It was heavily bombed during WWII, but as per the map screen capture, below, the design didn’t get obliterated. The green line is our path, the yellow are main roads.

One thought on “VF del sud day 11: Statigliano to Alife, 13.5km

  1. I’m in trouble if you consider 13km a rest day! 10 more sleeps … gotta get my boots and feet broken in … or it’s gonna be the mezzi di trasporto for moi 🚌🚎🚐


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