VF del sud day 21: Cerignola to Canosa do Puglia, 18km

Sam contemplating what our breakfast voucher provided

Another day strolling through vineyards and olive groves, although the scale of the operations had shrunk, which unfortunately meant more houses with dogs. One particular white dog came at us from a distance, teeth bared, with two shepherd cross mates circling somewhere in the vineyards. The owners couldn’t have cared less.

Canosa di Puglia (presumably so named to differentiate it from other Canosas) has more than it’s fair share of old rocks, and the entry to the city has been upgraded with one if the numerous “seemed like a good idea at the time” civic projects. Or maybe the EU or Italian federal government threw them some money. The restored Roman bridge is quite impressive, but the walkway probably hasn’t been maintained since the ribbon cutting.

Sam crossing the restored Roman bridge across the Ofanto river
The unloved stone walkway. At the terminus there is large public facility, but it is locked behind high fences. Note the duplicate asphalt path alongside!

Leaving Ordona there was a similar project – a 600m long, 3m wide walkway of laid bricks, with benches and established trees. One side looked at a ploughed field, the other at light industrial facilities. Partway along on the opposite side was a nice playground, but the grass and weeds had taken over and the gates (2m high) were chained and padlocked. The scenery, wonderful old towns, and friendly people are one memory, the other is the appalling garbage, crumbling infrastructure and nasty dogs.

Masoleum outside of Canosa. Supposedly for the family of Marcus Aurelius.
Trajan’s Arch, Canosa. All the nice marble bits were prised off long ago

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