VF del sud day 21: Canosa to Corato, 32km

We made up our own route today, as the 38km on the official path seemed a bit too much for our aching bones. The morning section was great, with a mix of olive groves and vineyards, and lots of harvesting of the grapes taking place. We thought it appropriate to do some quality control, so we sampled both white and red ones. Very sweet and juicy. Then as we were passing one of the big trailers used for transporting the grapes, we noticed it was leaking, so we stuck an empty water bottle under the steam of juice. While it negated the need to spit out the seeds, it was way too sweet for our tastes.

The afternoon’s section was less inspirational. Just olive groves as far as the eye could see. To break the monotony, one can observe the constant debris that Italians feel obligated to dump at the roadside or toss from their vehicles. Today I counted 12 jettisoned baseball caps. Given that there are approximately 250,000 km of roads in Italy (excluding motorways), there’s likely more than 93,000 discarded baseball caps beside the roads in Italy. We also saw 3 cell phone cases in our 32km of walking today, so there are likely more than 23,000 of those as well. If we assume each one is half a centimeter thick, then it’s a stack 115 metres tall. Math was never my strong suit so feel free to correct me! Tomorrow I might count discarded footwear. It’s going to be a big number! Who said long distance walking is boring?

An old gnarly olive tree. The only photo I took today.

Tonight we are staying in Corato. It was founded in the 11th century, so not even any old Greek or Roman rocks to look at. According to the tourist brochure, the main attraction is the church…. surprising as that may seem. We’ve been getting unpleasant glares when we step into churches in our shorts and sandals. At least Sam wears socks in his sandals, so it’s the German tourists who are earning a bad reputation.

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