VF del sud day 23: Bitonto to Bari, 20km

Bari is a big town, and the second biggest economic centre in southern Italy after Naples, so the folks that chose the route did an admirable job avoiding the worst of the industrial areas and new suburbs. We meandered through more olive groves, the fringes of an industrial park (a few years from now and the land will have been swallowed up), and eventually we hit the new waterfront promenade to the north of the city. While it didn’t take us right into the city, it does cover the waterfront until you get to the port area.

These huts are common in the olive groves, although many are dilapidated.
The interior of one showing the interior walls and roof. Perfectly dry and cosy inside – great if you were set up for free camping on the Camino.

Susan knew of our approximate arrival time and intercepted us on the main pedestrian area that skirts the old town. It was a nice change to have a welcoming committee! After the obligatory shower and laundry, we did a wee tour of the old town. Being a short day we had a token amount of energy to play tourist, but the hordes of tourists – many from the cruise ship in port – made us miss the towns not on the tourist route

Detail on the Cathedral
Tour groups in front of Bari Cathedral

The main plaza in Bitonto – just a few locals

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