VF del sud day 24: Bari to Mola di Bari, 23km

Leaving Bari old town, 0730

Sunday morning at 0730 was not the ghost town we expected. The beach promenade south of the city extends a long way, and was very busy with runners and regular folk taking a morning stroll. The street cleaners were out in force so the debris of Saturday night was being whisked out of sight. Once you are outside the city limits there is no-one to do such whisking!

There were many men fishing and squid seemed to be the primary catch of the day. They were pounding them on the rocks – presumably to tenderize them, but we weren’t 100% sure. It could be that they wanted to be sure they didn’t start crawling around the Fiat Panda as they careen homeward. It would be awkward to deal with when one hand is holding the cellphone and the other a cigarette. If coffee to go was a thing here Italians would need three hands.

Morning stop was a bakery doing a roaring trade in panzerottini – mini panzerotti which we have only recently been introduced to. They are somewhat like a deep fried pizza Calzone. Today’s examples were so good we actually went back to get a second order. When you have another 10 km you are not too worried about the calories!

Tonight we are staying in the Palazzo Introno, courtesy of booking.com. Normally we look for places with a kitchen, but being Sunday there’s nowhere to get provisions and we will have to eat out, so we may as well sleep in comparative luxury.

Palazzo Introno ballroom. Not your usual pilgrim albergue!
While on a gelato run in Mola di Bari

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