VF del sud day 27: Monopoli

After 26 days of walking covering some 618km, we figured that we had earned a rest day. And we thought we were on to a cheap holiday, but sadly this town uses euro currency.

Personalized street side cafe

Monopli is a nice town – or at least the old town is. In keeping with past experiences, we did our own little walking tour before the tourist hordes were fully awake, enjoyed warm pasties and panzerottini from a local bakery, then a swim before the multitude realized that the sun was up.

Some of the stonework is showing it’s age
The shell either confirms my suspicions of sedimentary rock, or we are on the wrong Camino
Detail of the doorway for Chiesa Rettoria Santa Maria del Suffragio – del Purgatorio
The Church’s interior
One aspect of Catholicism that I don’t quite understand. Not sure what these guys did to have their mummified remains on display. Are they still in purgatory?

2 thoughts on “VF del sud day 27: Monopoli

  1. Great writing as always. I think they keep the mummies to scare the crap out of the parishioners.
    Just my thoughts. 😂
    Happy trails


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