VF del sud day 28: Monopoli to Torre Canne, 21km

We took liberties with the proscribed route again today, trimming 9km off the daily requirement. Just as well we did as Susan’s feet did not stand up to the rigours of the day. So much so that we have ordered the ‘mochilla taxi’ for her tomorrow in the hope that her foot issues will subside. Sam’s knee s are still bothering him but after 600 odd kilometers he’s determined to tough it out for the remainder.

The day’s first rest stop. Too bad the Adriatic is so salty otherwise we’d have taken a dip!

Our route was a mixture of paths, roads and bike lanes, and with the roads lightly used, it was quite pleasant. No doubt in the summer it is chaos on the roads as the primary industry here is the summer tourist influx. So much so that the town we are staying in, Torre Canne, is a virtual ghost town. While it looks densely populated on the map, many of the buildings are vacation properties, and the businesses that support them are mostly shuttered. We did find one tiny grocery store to get provisions for dinner ( it had a sign saying “mini market”, but mini was something of an exaggeration!) We didn’t dare plan on eating out as there was no guarantee that the nearest restaurant would actually open at 1930h. At least in Italy you know that the tiniest hole in the wall will have pasta and some sort of sauce available, and our rental apartment has a coffee machine, so all is good!


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