VF del sud day 29: Torre Canne to Torre Santa Sabrina, 24km

Susan took the mochilla express, while Sam and I took the official alternate route. While the normal route is 30km, we were promised 20km. Unfortunately, not only was this a short measure, but the suggested path was not actually a path at first, but a walk along the beach. Having had a modest previous experience with beach hiking, of we’d known in advance we would have likely opted for the extra kms rather than the extra effort. However, not all was lost, as we happened upon a beach bar which eventually served us a coffee. There were no cafes on the route through the olive groves!

We’re not alone…. we met a couple of Italian gents also walking the VF

Admittedly the coastal trail was quite scenic, although the landscape is very harsh and for many years farming has given over to vacation towns, some more appealing than others. Several are showing their age and neglect, but I’m sure the developers brochure was quite something back in the day. Being late September, there was very little activity and even less people. Some of the older developments had a distinct Mexican ambiance – so much so that Sam and I were convinced we were going to luck out finding a taco stand for lunch. Maybe they were used for sets on those good old ‘spaghetti westerns’!

Towers dot the coastline, all of a similar design (and purpose, presumably!) but it’s proving difficult to find out their history.

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