VF del sud day 30: SMS to Brindisi, 27km

The old theory was that these columns marked the terminus of the via Appia, but more recent research believes they predate its construction. Why let facts get in the way of us posing at the end!

A tough day at the office: Sam’s legs bothering him combined with a long day, hot weather, and too much walking on roads. But we made it to the end of the via Appia/Traiana and have photos (and blisters) to prove it. The scenery was great – at times – but a long section beside the freeway was energy sapping.

Roadkill from the autostrada ☹️ it’s an Old World Swallowtail. Thanks google lens!

Susan met us on the docks at Brindisi. The last part to the via Appia finish line is the little passenger ferry that plies the inner harbour, proving that the modern route does not adhere too closely to the original.

Spot the welcoming committee!
The daily tower

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